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Complementary Therapies in Oxfordshire. Creative Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki and Angel Readings.

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Testimonials - Creative Soul Therapies - Kinesiology, Counselling and Energy Therapies

Creative Soul Therapies brings the best of holistic therapies to support you on your soul path, since 2015. Offering Complementary Therapies including Kinesiology, Counselling and Energy Therapies, in Oxfordshire UK and by Skype. Assisting with relaxation, health, wellbeing, trauma, phobia, relationships, career, personal coaching, positive thinking and self-development.



Kinesiology with Bryony has been a truly amazing and life-changing journey. Bryony is an exceptionally gifted and skilled practitioner but it is her kindness, intuition and calm, caring approach that really sets her apart. Her sessions provide gentle guidance and support whilst offering a tranquil space in which to develop a deeper understanding of self. She is also a warm and sensitive Reiki practitioner and I have always left feeling balanced and relaxed. I highly recommend Bryony to anyone looking for an alternative, holistic therapy. I can’t thank you enough Bryony, you have a truly special gift.
— Sarah, Northamptonshire

A few simple words cannot truly convey my gratitude for your warmth, calm and peaceful care that you have given me this year. Thank you for allowing me the time and space to explore my soul through Kinesiology. I find it difficult to be true to myself but you make that process seem right. I am so lucky to have you walking alongside me, guiding and supporting me. I really do not know how to put into words what I went through, so all I can really say is THANK YOU.
— Phil, Oxfordshire

I am so grateful to have met Bryony. I visited over a couple of months to work on some unresolved complicated grief work as well as help with focus and direction in a few areas of my life. Bryony is such a genuine, highly attuned, holding therapist that I felt able to release some long held emotions deeply and safely through Creative Kinesiology and Reiki. She has such a warm, caring professional manner. If you want to reconnect, accept, heal and move forward then as a fellow therapist I can highly recommend Bryony as a very special complementary therapist. With heartfelt gratitude.
— Sonia, Surrey

I came across Creative Kinesiology while reading an article about jaw pain, but I was looking for explanations that were beyond the physical and medical aspects - I wanted to know more about the spiritual causes. The article had Bryony’s contacts, so I got in touch with her and have been working with her by Skype ever since. Bryony is great because she really works on getting in touch with your specific problems and quickly gets on the same wavelength and thinking, which makes working with her that much easier and more effective. She has really helped me with uncovering layers of deep spiritual issues that I couldn’t have gotten in touch with without her assistance. I highly recommend her for anyone who has the urge to work on themselves and spirituality.
— Samar, Kuwait

I have visited Bryony a few times for Kinesiology, and she has also produced three Angel readings for me. Bryony is obviously truly talented and gifted, and intuitively knows what you need. She is warm, kind, non-intrusive and supportive all at once and my sessions with her were invaluable. Where I really must jump up and down with praise is her readings. They have been thoughtful, accurate, interesting and I have referred back to them many times, astounded at what came to pass and how these readings picked up on that. I cannot recommend Bryony highly enough, she is one of those rare people that you just ‘know’ has incredible gifts.
— Ruby, Oxfordshire

I first saw Bryony when my life just about fell apart and as more grief and loss happened that year she was like a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel - a true Godsend. Her kindness and understanding, along with the Kinesiology, is what got me to the point now where I am happy with the person I am, the way I react to things and how I know the future is bright. I cannot describe how each session seems to rebuild me and point me in a positive direction. Each session is unique but just what is needed. I was sceptical at first but know now that just opening yourself to the possibilities is amazing. Thank you Bryony and your gift you so freely give.
— Client, Oxfordshire

I have known Bryony for many years and have found her to be truly authentic, warm, honest and caring.  A person who shares her love for every living thing! I attended several Reiki sessions with Bryony, each time finding myself experiencing a substantial amount of relaxation and clarity. I not only felt more balanced but also felt more in touch with my physical body. Bryony has an amazing gift that helped me unlock my “true purpose”. I recommend Bryony to anyone as she has helped me in so many ways!
— Cindy, New Zealand

Bryony is an incredibly skillful Reiki practitioner with excellent counselling skills. Through conversation and her attuned sensitivity to emotional energy, Bryony can quickly sense pain points and cleverly asks the right questions to help get to the root cause and path forwards. Bryony has been an invaluable support to me during a period of high pressure at work. With my job, I have travelled extensively, and experienced challenges and insomnia caused by stress and jet lag. In my time of need, Bryony has always been there for me. By performing Reiki over distances of thousands of miles, she has helped me to sleep when I have needed sleep most. The word that comes to mind when I think of Bryony is MAGIC. I cannot thank you enough Bryony!
— Frances, London

I experience many precious qualities in Bryony - she is an extraordinarily gifted woman and an exquisitely beautiful soul. She is highly intelligent and highly sensitive in terms of empathy and psychic attunement. Her emotional intelligence is also very high and is exhibited in many ways, including a respectful and non-judgmental character. Bryony has a professional manner which is at once, highly intuitive, highly capable, confident and compassionate. As such I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a holistic health practitioner, and believe that since you have been guided to her, she will indeed be the perfect professional you have been seeking!
— Zoe, Aotearoa

Bryony performed Energy Therapies, including Reiki, in person on me. They were hugely beneficial in helping me to heal from a recent relationship break up - the void I felt before the treatment was completely healed and it never returned. It was a huge relief! I found the Reiki sessions deeply relaxing and emotionally healing, and I felt energised and grounded afterwards. I also slept much better after the treatments. A huge thank you Bryony!
— Maisie, Devon

I came across Bryony at a time of great personal need and despair. Bryony’s calming energy and Reiki healings have helped me tremendously in increasing my confidence and reducing my anxiety. As a result, I have completed my Life Coaching Certificate and am now working on becoming a NLP Practitioner. I am so grateful for all of Bryony’s healing and recommend her to anyone who is ready to make big changes for the better in their life, but needs a bit of a helping hand in doing that. I wish Bryony the greatest success in the wonderful work that she does.
— Andrea, Australia


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