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Complementary Therapies in Oxfordshire. Creative Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki and Angel Readings.

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Creative Kinesiology - Creative Soul Therapies - Oxfordshire

Creative Kinesiology is a holistic therapy to help you on your life path through muscle testing, energy techniques and body work. Therapy for uncovering the root causes of emotional and spiritual difficulties, including stress, anxiety, life purpose, motivation, chronic fatigue, relationships, work, high sensitivity and life changes.

Creative Kinesiology

Restore Emotional & Spiritual Balance



Kinesiology is the art of muscle testing to isolate specific muscles of the body, researched by chiropractors from America in the 1950s. Chiropractor Dr George Goodheart dedicated much of his life's work to discovering kinesiology muscle testing, obtaining biofeedback from the body, and innovating methods of strengthening and healing the body.

Combined with Chinese Medicine Five Element theory, ‘Files’ by healer Haakon Lovell and healing traditions from Asia and around the world, Creative Kinesiology offers deep soul healing. In addition, sessions may incorporate Counselling using Transactional Analysis to deepen the therapeutic work.

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How Kinesiology can Help

  • Find the root cause of difficulties

  • Heal emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual imbalances

  • Blossom in confidence, self-belief and purpose

  • Become centred, grounded and anchored in the world

  • Heal your past, transform karma and activate soul healing

  • Discover your true self, unique gifts and skills

  • Feel balanced and on track

  • Gain a positive future direction

  • Increase energy, vitality and radiance

  • Restore inner peace and harmony

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Further Details

Each session is known as a balance, and has its own focus within the overall goals we agree at the start of our work together. Creative Kinesiology works best when seen as a process or journey, over time.

We offer block bookings for 3 or 6 sessions, usually for short-term difficulties or to introduce yourself to Kinesiology. For chronic, longer-term conditions or deeper healing we will work together over an agreed period of months or years. Find out more about making an agreement together here.

We use therapeutic touch to assist the body with its natural healing. This may include muscle testing, gentle holding points, deeper massage points and energy work. All sessions are carried out fully clothed.

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Pricing & Booking

Price per session (up to 1 hour 10 mins) - £60

block of 3 sessions - £165 (in advance)

Block of 6 sessions - £330 (In advance)


Please contact us to discuss reduced fees if you are on a low income.


07802 855286

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t: 07802 855286