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We Are All Cracked - That's How The Light Gets Out

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We Are All Cracked - That's How The Light Gets Out

Bryony France

As one of my long time favourite Leonard Cohen songs goes “there is a crack… in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.

Recently, I’ve been pondering this.

Maybe it’s also true to say that this is how the light gets out - our inner light.

Perhaps it’s as a direct result of our weaknesses, faults, flaws, wounds and brokenness that the light inside of us can shine out.

Think about it: how marvellous is that? Allow this thought to settle into your body. Doesn’t that feel softer, less striving and more ease?

That in our openness, our fragility, our vulnerability and our courage, we can truly be seen and radiate our unique light in the world.

No more trying to reach out for what is already inside of us.

No more believing that we aren’t good enough.

No more seeking the light OUT THERE… when it is already, softly and quietly, alive in your heart.

You are the light.

If Your Glass Heart Should Crack by  Chris OBrien

If Your Glass Heart Should Crack by Chris OBrien

All of your beauty and light is held within you, and if you have a few cracks or if you have many… your light can be a beacon to others, a spark of hope in the world.

And we need more sparks in the world.

You are one of those sparks.

Think about your cracked-ness, the places where you don’t quite feel whole. Then imagine a deep and beautiful light within you. With each breath, your inner light expands to fill each chasm until you are glowing and full.

This is your gift to the world. May you be joyously, capaciously cracked by life, and learn how to shine your light.

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