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Under The Shadow Of The Full Moon & Eclipse

Bryony France

It was only a matter of weeks ago that I was in a group discussing the Kintsugi pottery of Japan - the beauty of cracked and broken pots and crockery lovingly restored to something more beautiful than they were before.

This full moon is both the illumination of our broken or vulnerable places, and the opportunity to shine a light between the cracks. What we have thought of in the past as our shadow, becomes our greatest asset and unique offering to the world.

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With All This Light We Must Get Grounded

Bryony France

When there is an influx of light, and especially at times of the full moon, we can become a bit ungrounded.

We can enjoy floating in the light, feeling the bliss of inspiration, dreaming and drifting, and we may experience disturbed sleep. All of these things can pull us out of the deep softness of our bodies.

When energy is shifting within and around us, when we are re-organising our internal selves to accommodate new insights, understandings and new ways of being, it is important that we are fully inhabiting our bodies.

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