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A Letter of Light, Light, Light

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A Letter of Light, Light, Light

Bryony France

Your way is paved with light…

The Earth beneath your feet sings with a light that carries you home,

The soul within your Self is made of a fabric of light, which dances with the stars at night,

The Great Mystery shines its light through your hands and your heart and your voice.

In silence the light fills you up.

In Summer, the light of the sun warms your back,

And in Winter the light of the moon pulls you closer to her.

The stars light your way, even when you do not see them,

Your eyes sparkle with a light, which no scientist can explain.

When you smile, I see your light.

Your feet dance with light to the tune of the Great Creator’s orchestra,

Your mind sparks with the light of divine inspiration,

Your ears are filled with whispers of light.

The plants whisper to you: light, light, light.

Even when the fire in your heart goes out, the light of each cell shines more brightly,

Your body is filled with photon particles travelling through the depths of space,

So you know of light and how time ceases to exist.

Your way is paved with light…

You are inseparable from the light,

You are the light,

If you choose it.

Path of Light by  Thirdblade Photography

Path of Light by Thirdblade Photography