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With All This Light We Must Get Grounded

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With All This Light We Must Get Grounded

Bryony France

When there is an influx of light, and especially at times of the full moon, we can become a bit ungrounded.

We can enjoy floating in the light, feeling the bliss of inspiration, dreaming and drifting, and we may experience disturbed sleep. All of these things can pull us out of the deep softness of our bodies.

When energy is shifting within and around us, when we are re-organising our internal selves to accommodate new insights, understandings and new ways of being, it is important that we are fully inhabiting our bodies.

I know when I’m not well enough grounded because I start getting electric shocks from nowhere! Cars, people, objects…

Getting grounded is good for us, bringing us back into our centre and connection with our place on the Earth. It offers us a feeling of rootedness and security that permeates our whole being. From this place we are able to “hold ourselves” and remain naturally strong and vibrant even during change or difficulty.

Grounding can also be thought of as earthing. Coming back to Earth.

Blue at night by  Alexander Gerst

Blue at night by Alexander Gerst

This will assist us to make links in our understanding of the light energy and its connection to our physical reality. What does it mean for us in the present moment? If we are grounded, we can integrate our new knowings and learnings and apply the wisdom and inspiration of the beyond into our daily lives, work, relationships, families and communities.

Take a moment to check in with yourself: sit quietly and focus on your breath. If there were a point to represent your centre right now, where would it be?

Perhaps it is in your mind, perhaps upwards above your head… perhaps somewhere in the past or future…perhaps you can’t even find your centre right now. Honour and acknowledge wherever you are, right now.

If you feel like you need a little grounding, here are some ideas:

  • Spending time outdoors, preferably touching the ground or trees/plants with bare feet or hands.

  • Eating plenty of lovely root vegetables, preferably organic. Click here for UK vegetables and foods in season or here for US/Canada.

  • Body practices like yoga or tai chi.

  • Connecting with your breath, through body practices (above) or meditation.

  • Acknowledging your feelings and sensations in your body, just as they are in this moment.

  • Being in water, especially salt water or bathing with mineral salts.

  • Slowing down. The body moves at a gentle, natural pace unlike Western society.

  • Body work, massage or hands-on therapies (see below).

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