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There Is No Magical 'Quick Fix'

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There Is No Magical 'Quick Fix'

Bryony France

The work that I (and many others do) is of a spiritual nature, addressing healing at a soul level and working with subtle energy in the body.

Emotional, mental, physiological and nutritional health states are addressed also, but I think there is more widely accepted understanding that for these aspects of life change takes place over time.

Why then would there be a magical cure-all for aspects of the soul, spirit or subtle energy?

These are just as complex as a slipped disc, depression, obesity or grief.

It takes time to return to a place of health, joyfulness, peace, love and strength. It also takes time to return to a place of spiritedness, purposefulness and inner wholeness. And these are all interwoven - your subtle bodies affect your physical body, what you eat affects your mental health, and your spirit and emotions are undoubtedly connected.

It takes time to heal, full stop.

Time by  melisa launay

Not only does it take time, but it requires commitment and perseverance.

Commitment and perseverance for your physical wellbeing might look like taking regular exercise - and maintaining this exercise over the course of your life. At the beginning you might seek advice from a fitness trainer and work with them over a few months to develop a good exercise routine and feel confident to continue on your own.

Commitment and perseverance for your nutritional wellbeing might look like eating a healthy, balanced diet - and maintaining this over the course of your life. You might follow a blog, a cookbook or consult a nutritionist on a regular basis, until you feel able to nourish yourself well with ease.

Commitment and perseverance for your mental wellbeing might involve meditating regularly - and maintaining this over the course of your life. You might take a class on meditation over a few sessions, and decide you want to understand more through an ongoing training over a year. From then you have a stronger foundation to build your personal practice.

Commitment and perseverance for your emotional wellbeing might involve seeking professional help through counselling. Short-term work can help, but usually clients work with counsellors over many months or years. This time allows for deep change to occur, and for you to reach greater acceptance, self-compassion and awareness.

Commitment and perseverance is just the same for spiritual work. Your soul is always evolving and calling you forward to reach your potential. To make space for soul healing and to revive your spirit and love of life requires regular engagement with a professional practitioner.

I am often asked, over how much time? This really depends on where you are starting from, and what you are aspiring to. Generally speaking, this can range from a series of 3 or 6 sessions for more acute issues, to working over months or years for deep and powerful inner transformation.

Though this work is spiritual and soulful, there is still no quick fix.

Though we deal with the eternal and divine order, we are still human.

In just the same way as you wouldn’t expect to learn a language in one day, neither will you experience total transformation in one session. Just as you might learn some basic phrases in a few sessions, you will not be fluent in this new language. But over time, with commitment and perseverance (both inside and outside the treatment space) you will learn the new language of your inner world.

New beliefs, emerging authentic identity, inner strength and new skills all take time to practice and hone. As I have written previously, commitment to the therapy is commitment to yourself.

There is no miraculous, magical ‘quick fix’, but the ongoing miracle is that we can change, let go of old patterns and recreate our stories.

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