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In Facing Life We Must Face Death

Bryony France

The creative and destructive forces of the cosmos are always at play. Life and Death, and all of their sub-personalities.

We see them in external clues like seasons: in the flowering of the spring and the letting-go-leaves of autumn. We see them in the births and deaths within our own families. And within ourselves there exist the same forces - of letting go and of welcoming the new.

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There Is No Magical 'Quick Fix'

Bryony France

The work that I (and many others do) is of a spiritual nature, addressing healing at a soul level and working with subtle energy in the body.

Emotional, mental, physiological and nutritional health states are addressed also, but I think there is more widely accepted understanding that for these aspects of life change takes place over time.

Why then would there be a magical cure-all for aspects of the soul, spirit or subtle energy?

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Changing Culture and Creating An Alternative Sustainable Future

Bryony France

How do you feel about what you see in the world?

We live in extraordinary times - remarkable technology, information at our fingertips, catastrophic effects of climate change, warfare and refugees, extreme poverty and super wealth, and abuses of power.

Many of these humans have faced throughout our history. Now we also have a planet on the brink of environmental collapse and global awareness like never before.

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