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In Facing Life We Must Face Death

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In Facing Life We Must Face Death

Bryony France

The creative and destructive forces of the cosmos are always at play. Life and Death, and all of their sub-personalities.

We see them in external clues like seasons: in the flowering of the spring and the letting-go-leaves of autumn. We see them in the births and deaths within our own families. And within ourselves there exist the same forces - of letting go and of welcoming the new.

We move from contraction to expansion…through contraction and expansion again. Like flowers opening to the day and closing to the night, sweetly singing the song of the natural world.

As humans, we go through many intrapsychic transformations in our lifetimes if we are willing to grow and change. At each stage of our life, we must let go of the previous stage and step into an unknown space filled with the spiralling, evolving forces of life.

My feeling right now is that we are being called into more Life. (Though this may involve facing more of death, depending on our own stories and circumstances).

Can we move forwards with the flow of life? And surrender the past?

If we have the courage to do so, we receive the bounty of the hidden secrets of the universe. The secrets which lie hidden behind our greatest fears - of seeing and knowing all of Death and Life.

Photo by  fer gomez  on Unsplash

Photo by fer gomez on Unsplash

Many people struggle with letting go, endings or change, because they represent death. And we do not always know how to manage death well.

We are also not always well-equipped to handle the powerful forces of life. Can we receive supreme love and joy? For many this is equally hard, if not harder, than allowing death.

In facing Life, we must learn to face Death and its suffering. And in facing Death, we must learn how to face Life in all of its wonder and hope.

There is beauty in both, if we are willing to look.

To honour death:

Come to the places within yourself that are dying. And truly take the space to mourn even those things which no longer serve you. Rest, come to the ground with humility, respect and reverence for all that your journey has engraved on you. Write your thoughts and bury them in the ground, with some seeds. Call on your ancestors for support. Be thankful for all that you have learned, given and received from these pieces of your life and yourself.

To honour life:

Open yourself to the spaces within you that are waiting to be filled like great halls. Focus your awareness on receiving wonders of life that you cannot even imagine yet. Play, dance, create, love. Spend time in sweet connection with yourself, others and communities. Celebrate and sing, find joy in simple things. Make exciting plans for the future!

You may need to ebb and flow between your own experiences of Death and Life, or spend more time in one of these places if that feels right. Trust your instincts, and honour what is being rebirthed within you.

Wishing you great courage on our continued journey…

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