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The Moments We Break Open Are Our Catalysts

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The Moments We Break Open Are Our Catalysts

Bryony France

I think this title speaks for itself, so I will repeat it again:

The moments we break open are our catalysts.

Catalysts to a newer, truer version of ourselves. Catalysts to a more authentic way of living, perhaps one we can hardly dream of. Catalysts to remind us what is truly important.

Over and over again we break open, we disintegrate, we fall from grace. This is a natural part of the human cycle of development.

The idea of ‘breaking’ scares some people as we have come to associate it with something to hide (emotions usually), which goes against the very impulse to open. Breaking reminds people of brokenness.

Perhaps we can begin to re-see it as a breaking of the sun across the sky; the dawning of a beautiful new day. We associate this with hope, beauty, reverence and even bliss.

In our hard, human (Western) world breaking reminds us of pain, but there is nothing painful about the sun rising each day. It is natural, warming and comforting.

We break open so that we can come back home.

We break open so that we can know ourselves more deeply.

We break open so that we can breakthrough.

And we know that we will reform and re-integrate, and be gifted with so much that life has to offer. So much more than we could have imagined before.

Breaking by  Simon Turkas

Breaking by Simon Turkas

These breaking points mark the journey from one state to the next, from one part of life to another, from one set of principles to another. They may be simple, catastrophic, tragic or even acts of courage that move us in a new direction.

They are inevitable, almost destined.

Just as the first signs of Spring break through the icy ground, called each day by the wordless breaking sun, so are we called to remember our divine inner strength, our absolute commitment to our dreams and our seeking to fulfill our soul’s plans.

We will meet this cycle time and again - through loss, separation, ambition and adventure. And if we can surrender to each moment that breaking open presents, then we will find wonder, opportunity and a deeper understanding of the nature of life.

The moments we break open propel us into a new vision of the world, a greater perspective and more meaningful connection with ourselves.

Do not be afraid to break open - the blueprint is already within you.

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