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My Journey With Jing In 2018

Bryony France

At the beginning of 2018, I gave readings for a word or phrase to act as a guidepost or guiding light throughout the year.

Now we come to the end of the year, how did your journey map out?

At the start of the year, I also gifted a reading to myself, and my Word for 2018 was “Jing”. I love to see how a word or phrase is given shape over the course of 12 months.

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Healing Aggression by Strengthening Your True Self

Bryony France

I have written recently about the Drama Triangle and the positions of Persecutor, Victim and Rescuer, as well as the astrological move of Chiron into Aries initiating a 9 year period of healing the wounded masculine.

These themes are very present and potent for us collectively, and serve as a reminder that this work is of fundamental importance in healing ourselves, our relationships and the entire Earth. 

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The Strength of the Soul is Unimaginable

Bryony France

Very often, in the midst of difficulty or suffering it can be almost impossible to imagine that you are strong and your soul is invincible.

As humans, we feel weakness, failure and disconnection from our true self. We go through dark nights, feelings of helplessness or powerlessness. These are unavoidable aspects of the human experience.

Yet the soul perseveres and endures.

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