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Healing Your Monthly Cycle (For Women)

Bryony France

Period pains, cramping, emotional mood swings… the list goes on. For many women, menstruation can be painful, challenging and generally just gets in the way.

Learning to recognise the wisdom of your body, rejoice in your capacity for creativity and to reduce the pain associated with periods is a journey many women have taken. Perhaps now it is your time to reclaim your female power.

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Reclaiming The Yin Principles Of The Sacred Feminine

Bryony France

There is a theme alive at the moment, which is the importance of connecting with our feminine energies (whatever your gender) and honouring our need for these yin qualities in sufficient quantities.

This is not a temporary necessity, but rather a shift into a different way of being and meeting the world. We can only be truly present when we honour these yin principles of the sacred feminine.

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Coming Home To Your True Self

Bryony France

The theme I am noticing as we come towards the end of 2018 seems to be coming home to yourself.

As preparations get underway for the merriment of Christmas and New Year time, whatever your circumstances or beliefs, wherever you are travelling to or visiting, this feels like a beautiful opening of potential, inviting you to come more deeply into yourself.

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Unifying The Feminine And The Masculine

Bryony France

We have been working through individual and collective themes of masculine and feminine qualities for some time now. (See my previous blogs here, here, here, here and here)

This has included both the inner experience of these aspects of our psyche and the outer expression of them in the world, as well as seen on a greater scale in global society.

As we reach the tipping point between dark/light of the longest night and shortest day in the Northern hemisphere, we are able to access a new place of balance with our own sense of feminine/masculine.

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The Chakras And The Nervous System

Bryony France

You may have come across the chakra system, which describes the subtle energy fields present in our bodies.

The seven main chakras on the body are usually located from the base of your pelvis to the top of your head. Other smaller chakras are also thought to be present. While still others are thought to continue beneath you as your energetic connection to the Earth and above you as your energetic connection to Source.

Let’s focus on those located on/within the physical body, and in particular those located within the main torso of the body: root, sacral, solar plexus and heart.

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