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Coming Home To Your True Self

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Coming Home To Your True Self

Bryony France

The theme I am noticing as we come towards the end of 2018 seems to be coming home to yourself.

As preparations get underway for the merriment of Christmas and New Year time, whatever your circumstances or beliefs, wherever you are travelling to or visiting, this feels like a beautiful opening of potential, inviting you to come more deeply into yourself.

The stress, expectations, and busy holiday times can lead us to forget our own truth at times. But we are getting a wonderful reminder that there is more of ourselves to know, acknowledge and celebrate: to welcome home.

This coming home within yourself brings you to a new level of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love.

This theme really resonates with the heart, heart chakra and Heart meridian, and encompasses an expanded experience of yourself, held dearly with love and acceptance.

Christmas eve after dark by  Lars Plougmann

Christmas eve after dark by Lars Plougmann

As a child I was often captured by the story of the The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen at Christmas time; it broke my heart every time I read it.

Yet now, for some divine reason, is a time when the archetype of the the Little Match Girl (or Boy or Child) within each one of us is welcomed home here on Earth. There is a part of ourselves that is no longer to be left out in the cold alone.

It is a changing of your own story - no longer banished outside in the dark and cold, you are welcomed back into your own heart space, warmth, connection, joy and love. The story has forever changed.

If you can spend some time to pause and peer within, much like into the window of a warm house on a cold dark evening, you will see your own heart - and all the joy, love and warmth present within it. Walk inside, for this is your true home.

You will find your own inner gifts of truth, self-worth and serenity, just as you see the warm glow of light through the windows on a cold winter’s eve.

These darker mornings and evenings offer us the window to see into more of ourselves, and to step inside our true self. Into greater warmth, comfort and security.

Is it the home we came from? It is hard to tell now, because we have changed so much.

Even amidst the cacophony of the holiday season, you can celebrate your own light, beauty and stillness within your heart.

Be true to yourself… and you will shine an inner light to guide others home too.

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