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My Journey With Jing In 2018

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My Journey With Jing In 2018

Bryony France

At the beginning of 2018, I gave readings for a word or phrase to act as a guidepost or guiding light throughout the year.

Now we come to the end of the year, how did your journey map out?

At the start of the year, I also gifted a reading to myself, and my Word for 2018 was “Jing”. I love to see how a word or phrase is given shape over the course of 12 months.

Within the reading I was given some understanding of the meaning of jing through the Chinese Medicine system. This gives it a meaning of ‘holistic strength’, a deep sense of inner strength and the ability to overcome difficulties. It is one of the three treasures in Chinese Medicine, and is stored in the kidneys.

Through this connection with the Kidney meridian, ‘jing’ is also connected to the bones, and therefore at a smaller level it is connected with collagen. Again, this brings us full circle to a deep sense of inner strength - the strength of the layers of collagen holding up our entire structure. The generation of electricity in collagen, known as piezoelectricity, is akin to the Qi energy flowing in the meridians.

As I reflect back on these notes from almost 12 months ago, I see how I have come to understand the deeper layers behind the word Jing: how it captures the essence or spirit of a person, and how our physical body relies on these foundations of energy and spirit to thrive in healthy and vibrant ways.

That within one word, especially a word from the Chinese language, there exists beautiful layers behind it. Clarity, essence, stillness, peace.

And indeed, reaching a deeper sense of peace formed a great part of my journey in 2018. I love that peace can hold the same meaning as strength, if you choose to see it.

PEACE by  Alex

PEACE by Alex

So what else did I discover on my journey of Jing, strength and peace?

I found myself gaining greater strength in myself and coming into greater alignment with my values in the world. This wasn’t without the shadow side, of course (what journey would be completed without a visit to the shadow?!)

I found myself faced with moments of self-reflection and feelings of weakness. During a few month intensive study I came face to face with deep feelings of fear, terror, shame and shock. I felt a deep sense of tiredness - that state of being without sufficient jing or energy circulating through the system. I struggled with this inner conflict in my back bones, whether to collapse or remain upright.

I visited other worlds and ancestral influences to discover the roots of these inner conflicts, shame and fear. I connected with the deep reservoirs of energy available to us from our ancestors, from those who have come before. This is, in my opinion, the greatest source of strength we have. To know our origins, to accept the life and vitality available through them and to be deeply nourished - and strengthened - by them.

I was introduced to the practice of yoga called yin yoga, which works primarily to stress the connective tissue of the body - the fascia, joints and bones. Yes, there we can see again the connection to the jing energy which is generating Qi in our bones and flowing energy through the meridians in the fascia. The subtle movements and holding in yin yoga promote the generation and movement of energy in the body.

I was shown the deep and enduring strengths of some things which are not really valued (or considered strong) in Western societies… yet. These included the strength of empathy, tenderness, touch, compassion and laughter. Beautiful - I cannot think of what could be stronger or more peaceful than compassion and humanity.

Being able to hold my word and guidance in my mind and heart during some difficult moments was in itself strengthening. Re-discovering and reclaiming myself was strengthening. Resolving fear and shock brought a renewal of peace.

More and more, I was able to work at greater depths of others’ jing, from both blood and spiritual ancestry. This work became more powerful in assisting others to let go of old restraints, of accepting the strength and nourishment from the ancestors, and of witnessing their own unique strengths.

This year, through my own journey of personal discovery, I received the wisdom that strength is not simply an outward expression of force or power, but an inner peace found deep within the inner waters. That there is the potential for this beautiful feminine strength within each of us.

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