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Unifying The Feminine And The Masculine

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Unifying The Feminine And The Masculine

Bryony France

We have been working through individual and collective themes of masculine and feminine qualities for some time now. (See my previous blogs here, here, here, here and here)

This has included both the inner experience of these aspects of our psyche and the outer expression of them in the world, as well as seen on a greater scale in global society.

As we reach the tipping point between dark/light of the longest night and shortest day in the Northern hemisphere, we are able to access a new place of balance with our own sense of feminine/masculine.

What have you discovered within yourself over the past year or so?

Was there a strengthening of the masculine or the feminine, or both?

Was there an inner struggle to overcome or face?

Generally speaking, we are shifting our focus from masculine-dominated activity, logic, materialistic focus and individual ambition into deeper nourishment, sustainability, collaborative and community-led initiatives.

We can take with us the drive and motivation that has fuelled the masculine energy - alongside the feminine balance of acting for the greater good and the wisdom of knowing when to pause, restore and nurture.

We are moving into a new phase in our own lives, and in the collective of humanity, where the unification of the masculine and feminine can be realised.

And we see this next step in re-balancing in the world around us and the greater themes of leadership, values and the environment. Your part is an essential part in moving towards this balance.

Unifying the feminine and masculine qualities brings us to a place of stillness within us, a ceasing of our inner male/female left/right conflict. This is a place of union within yourself.

What does this still place look like to you?

This unification may mean balancing the qualities of logic and intuition.

Of embracing the unknown, messy, creative aspects of life.

Of softening, quieting, resting…and remembering.

Coming into a unification between left and right, masculine and feminine, is an ongoing process. But look back - see how far you have come. And enjoy this moment of greater connection within yourself.

How will you now express this in the world?

Unify your feminine and masculine with Creative Kinesiology. In person and by Skype: