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The Cure For Judgement Is Mercy

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The Cure For Judgement Is Mercy

Bryony France

I am not one to offer cures for any condition, but for judgement I will make an exception.

Judgement is so incredibly emotionally debilitating, spiritually devastating and mentally exhausting, that it does require something to be written of its cure.

Judgement is so damaging to flourishing potential, to a sense of security within yourself and to the truth of your own inner beauty.

Too easily many of us internalise the judgements of others - to our detriment.

When we internalise judgement, we learn to feel shame for different aspects of our true and total being. We cut ourselves off from our own growth and goodness.

As a result of that shame and inner critic we hide, we fear and we learn how condemn ourselves before anyone else can do it for it for us.

Judgement hijacks you and your life.

Judgement stops you walking through doors or following your own path, because of statements like “You should / You shouldn’t / You can’t / You’re not good enough…”

Judgement can be hugely powerful and controlling, whether spoken verbally, communicated through culture or unspoken in the collective unconscious.

Guanyin, Asian Art Museum by  InSapphoWeTrust

Guanyin, Asian Art Museum by InSapphoWeTrust

How then do we heal from judgement? What is the cure?

If judgement is a state of mind, a thought form, attitude or belief, then we must cultivate whatever is its antidote in our thoughts, minds and hearts.

I believe this antidote to be mercy. And I like to think of it as extreme kindness.

Are these not times when we are called to demonstrate extreme kindness?

To reach further outside of ourselves, towards others and towards the planet with benevolence, compassion and forgiveness.

To reach further inside of ourselves with charity and love - to the parts of us that have suffered through judgement yet long to be free.

To do this, we must pay close attention to the kindness we show ourselves, to the mercy we offer ourselves.

What judgement or criticism do you observe in yourself?

What is one way you can be more merciful towards this judgement?

Each step towards authenticity, integration and wholeness is taken with token of mercy.

Piece by piece the balance is shifted towards compassion, forgiveness and kindness.

Understand your inner judgements and cultivate mercy with