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So Who - And What - Do I Work With?

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So Who - And What - Do I Work With?

Bryony France

Are you curious about what sort of issues I work with? Which therapies and tools might be of benefit?

I have a varied background with studies in nutrition, coaching, counselling, energy therapies and creative kinesiology.

I am open to working with most issues from Anxiety to Zoophobia. My passion is working with people who want to transform their lives, align themselves with their spiritual purpose and make a positive impact in the world.

However we don't usually start there!

I work with people who are stressed - for all sorts of reasons.

I work with people who are burnt out, fatigued and disillusioned by their current lifestyle and cultural expectations.

I work with people who have been through trauma, whether physical, emotional and/or sexual. I find the gentle approach of energy therapies gradually enables people to heal from traumatic experiences and recover the broken parts of themselves.

I work with parents and guardians of children with special needs.

I work with emotional difficulties and people who have received a lack of love in their early life.

I work with parents and carers of children who are adopted or fostered.

I work with people who feel ungrounded and disconnected from their bodies. Body work and energy therapies help reconnect the mind and body.

Emotions by  John Williams

Emotions by John Williams

I work with Highly Sensitive People and empaths. As an HSP and empath myself I can offer what I have learned to my clients.

I work with people suffering with PTSD.

I work with anyone seeking greater fulfilment on their life path.

I work with people and organisations hoping to reach their goals. Creative Kinesiology is a fantastic approach to help you let go of blocks and move forward.

I work with people with phobias, uncovering the roots and triggers. I find Emotional Freedom Techniques is a particularly useful way to reduce the emotional intensity and work towards letting go of fear.

I work with people suffering from low self-esteem.

I work with people who are learning to use their voice and be valued in their relationships and in the world.

I work with people feeling anxiety - whether generalised, social or specific.

I work with people experiencing physical symptoms and dis-ease, which do not have a medical explanation or satisfactory treatment.

I work with people with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I believe these are usually Highly Sensitive and empathic people.

I work with people who want to live with authenticity and integrity.

I work with people seeking to enrich their lives and extend this enrichment to others.

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