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Working With The Process: A Guide to How I Practise

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Working With The Process: A Guide to How I Practise

Bryony France

In the field of energy therapies, clients often carry an expectation that the treatment will magically solve all difficulties overnight.

I think it is important to highlight how I work, and dispel some of the myths surrounding energy therapies and holistic treatments.

While I do hold out hope for instant miracles - and indeed incredible insights can be gained in one session - it is most realistic to see changes over time.

Transformations are the culmination of ongoing inner work, and changes take time to become embodied.

A quick fix does not really exist. Rather, you become more attuned to yourself, balanced and grounded through the process.

guardian of time by  Alice Popkorn

guardian of time by Alice Popkorn

It would simply be too overwhelming for your psyche to change entirely overnight - thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that have been held in the mind and body for a long time. All of this energetic debris takes time to surface and release, at a pace that you can integrate safely.

We are human, after all.

If you have experienced a particular issue for a long period of time, then it is very likely to take time to resolve and clear. Reaching the roots of a difficulty requires perseverance, patience and focus.

There is likely to be subconscious and unconscious material that needs the space and time to be able to surface, and the right conditions in which to do so.

I will not give you any 'answers'. My role is to facilitate your own exploration, to hold a space for you to find your own direction, needs, feelings, and to make your own choices.

I may offer you my thoughts and impressions, where I think it could be useful. We work together to activate your self-healing, realisations and personal agency to create the changes that you would like to make.

My background training in counselling using Transactional Analysis, shapes much of my framework as a practitioner.

I am a channel for energy healing. As a client, you open to this energy to activate your own self-healing and innate wisdom.

Self-healing itself takes energy - to process, let go, allow in the new, and to integrate your changes.

I encourage you to identify your current difficulties, your feelings and thoughts, and then I will ask you to set an intention about what you would like, or how you want to feel. The energy then flows in support of your highest intentions.

As a practitioner, I am interested in 'the process' of the energy work, conversations and connections that develop over time. Allowing time for the process, enables you to reach deeper levels of understanding about yourself.

You are reshaping your brain with the power of neuroplasticity - the capacity of your brain to change its neural pathways. This is how you change behaviour and thought patterns.

You are connecting to the wisdom of your heart and your digestive system - two often overlooked, yet vital, aspects of your neurobiology.

You are integrating body and mind, which are often split in the modern, Western world, and coming into a greater sense of wholeness.

All of this is part of the process of understanding, changing and actualising.

Your greatest reward for engaging with your own process of self-discovery, I believe, will be your expanded self-awareness. This is where your true power, potential and spirit reside.

These are the results that last a lifetime.

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